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SP, SK, Eric Tan & Tan Family

“We greatly appreciate:

  1. The free WiFi.
  2. The serenity and surroundings.
  3. The airconditioning.
  4. Free parking.
  5. The private side room.
  6. The safe for collecting money.
  7. Wheel chair friendly premises.”

Valerie Ong


“Wonderful staff, sensitive, helpful and efficient. Overall very nice, private and cosy. Lovely place, very serene, yet bright, airy, carpark facilities very helpful.”

Koh Huey Poing

“David was always accessible & most helpful. He even drove all the way back to MVS to inform us of a phone call from my Dad’s long-time friend.”

Winston Chow

“Thank you, our contact (David) was very gracious and sympathetic and went the extra mile of helping us get wire to hang a photo we had brought along outside the hall. Thank You.”

Jacqueline Tang

“We appreciate very much David’s assistance and professionalism. Thank you for being so sensitive and kind during our time and bereavement.”

Helen Lim


“Very happy with the attention to detail.”

Poon Thomas


Thank you for your companionship and excellent service. The response to feedback was really impressive and the attention to details was excellent. We really commend David for his care, empathy and understanding.

Adina Chean

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